Randy Forster

Sep 21, 2018 - Sep 22, 2018

Randy Forster wandered into the Yogi Magic Mart on Charles Street in downtown Baltimore as a young man back in the mid ‘70’s. Randy was mesmerized and dazzled watching a 3-Card Monte, a routine he regularly opens his close-up show with to this day. He has been performing magic for over 35 years now, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic States, primarily for private outings and corporate events. His humor and entertaining style has made him a favorite performer of young and old alike. Now residing full-time in the Bethany area, Randy works regularly at Dickens Parlour Theatre and Dickens on the Road in Ocean City, MD during the summer months. *All Shows subject to change.


Chris Capehart

Sep 27, 2018 - Sep 29, 2018

Capehart possesses the ability of superior sleight-of hand. His skills at close-up magic are no less astonishing. His signature effects are “The Miser’s Dream,” and “The 3 Ring Routine,” which is one of the cornerstones of magical illusions and has earned him the title “The Ring Master.” All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice.


Kevin Bethea

Oct 4, 2018 - Oct 6, 2018

Kevin is one of the most sought after corporate entertainers in the country. You may have seen him on CN8 – The Comcast Network on the “Your Morning” show. He was also a regular headliner at the Dickens Parlour Theatre located at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City and Monday Night Magic: New York’s Longest Running Off-Broadway Magic Show. A native of New Jersey, Kevin is a full time professional magician/Illusionist with over 25 years of performing experience! He became interested in magic at the young age of seven when he first saw a movie about his soon-to-be childhood idol, Harry Houdini. It was then that a relative exposed him to the world of sleight of hand, and soon afterwards he received his first toy magic set. The “magic bug” had bitten him for good. Kevin began practicing on the neighborhood kids and was soon asked to entertain at birthday parties.

Magic helped pay for his college education, and after graduating from Kean University with a BS degree in Computer Science, he continued to perform magic part-time at the local lounges and restaurants while at the same time perfecting his Close-Up Magic and Sleight-of-Hand skills. Since then, Kevin has won several awards in magic contests and has made numerous television appearances. Don’t miss this amazing performance All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice.


Will Fern

Oct 11, 2018 - Oct 13, 2018

A seasoned magician with over 20 years performing experience, Will Fern is known around the country for his diverse magical career. From close-up magic performed at all manner of private and corporate affairs, to team building workshops, trade show booth “edutainment”, and theater performances…Will is constantly working, at over 200 shows per year.

A masterful comedy magician, Will works audience members into his effects with arresting imaginative skill. You will be amused … even as you are being astonished at his performance…GUARANTEED!

Along with such clients as Novartis, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson and Goldman Sachs, Will has been employed as the resident magician at several top Caribbean resorts and 4-star New York area restaurants. Will is also a regular performer at the world-renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, and just this July won the International Brotherhood of Magician’s Award for “International Champion of Strolling Magic”.

“To me, magic is just the vehicle to drive my audience into the fun zone. Once we’re there…anything goes. Trust builds, camaraderie is heightened, and the end result is a unique performance that can never be repeated.”

“NO OTHER ART can bring the performer closer to his audience, and his audience to him, than MAGIC. I respect my audiences deeply, and must say that the Dickens’ audiences are among the best I’ve ever known! Bless you, Rich Bloch, and the House of Wonder you have wrought. Long live the Dickens!” All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice.



Oct 18, 2018 - Oct 20, 2018

Denny fell in love with magic as a young kid growing up in Scranton, PA. His parents did everything they could to stir up his enthusiasm. They enrolled Denny in every magic class he could find and encouraged him to perform for friends and family as often as possible. The kid had a clear knack for entertainment. Denny worked his tail off in the “real world.” Still, he couldn’t leave magic behind. Denny’s family encouraged him to step out and take a risk in doing what he truly loved. Denny Corby is a wildly successful magician, entertainer and keynote speaker. Through appearances on major cable networks like Fox and NBC, Denny has graced television screens across the country. Wherever you meet him, Denny is guaranteed to make your day. He’s a warm-hearted goofball who lives to make people laugh and see them smile. Wherever you find him, Denny will probably drop what he’s doing and make you smile. All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice.


Rich Bloch

Oct 25, 2018 - Oct 27, 2018

In 1946, famed comics Bud Abbott and Lou Costello asked Billie Bloch, Rich’s mom, for permission to have her three-year-old son stay in Hollywood and begin a career in show business under their tutelage. Billie declined, whisking her son back to the safety of the east coast. But the hook was set. By age seven, Rich was hanging around stage doors and doing magic shows. At eight, he landed his first TV gig, as assistant to Dick DuBois, TV’s first Magic Clown, on the DuMont television network in New York City. And so it began.

Rich entertains audiences worldwide including at corporate events, on cruise lines, in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and most recently, for the past two years at Washington, DC’s Woolly Mammoth Theatre presenting his original one-man show “Best Kept Secrets”. Rich is a two-time recipient of the coveted “Blackstone Award” from the International Platform Association, a six-time nominee for Stage Magician of the Year, and is a 2006 Fellowship recipient at Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle. Rich is also a magician’s magician. He has invented over 80 magic effects, many of which were sold through Rich’s magic manufacturing studio, “Collectors’ Workshop” where each effect was handmade by artisans on a farm in Middleburg, Virginia. Rich also holds a patent for a device he invented used by ice skaters with special needs. Very early in his magic career, Rich served as a scriptwriter and magic consultant to the legendary Orson Welles, who referred to Rich as “an Edison of Magic.” Rich has also served in various magic capacities to several theater companies including the Folger Shakespeare Theater in Washington, DC and, for 20 years, produced the World Magic Seminar, in conjunction with Siegfried and Roy and Lance Burton, hosting thousands of magicians from around the world.

Now, Rich, and his wife Sue, host you at the magical Dickens Parlour Theatre. What began as a 75-year-old house and backyard garage, is now the arena for magicians from around the world to entertain you here in Millville, Delaware. “The Parlour”, an adjoining meet, greet and eat spot, opened in February 2011, where the fun continues after the theater performance in the ambiance of a cozy Victorian salon filled with antiques, secret bookcases, and more to delight and intrigue the magical spark in each of us. All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice.


Eric Dittelman

Nov 15, 2018 - Nov 17, 2018

Ever wonder what it would be like to know what someone else was thinking? What if you knew exactly what someone else was going to do before they did it? Eric Dittelman knows what that’s like and has been reading minds at theaters, colleges, comedy clubs, and corporate events all across the country. Often known by just his surname, Dittelman combines amazing mind reading with stand-up and improvisational comedy. In 2012, he blew audiences away as a semi-finalist and judges’ favorite on season 7 of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” He has also appeared as a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and was featured in “Entertainment Weekly”, “Rolling Stone”, and even “The National Enquirer”. He has studied improve comedy with Upright Citizens Brigade, Improve Boston and Second City. He was nominated “Fastest Rising Star” and recently won 2015’s “Best Male Performer Award” by Campus Activities Magazine. Tickets on Sale Soon. All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice.


Ran'D Shine

Nov 23, 2018 - Nov 25, 2018

With the flick of a wrist, the Philadelphia native has become a global phenomenon by wowing the most diverse and wildly appreciative audiences for more than a decade. His unique style and presentation so impressed President Barrack Obama that he was invited to be a special performer for the “Salute to Heroes” at the 44th Presidential Inauguration Banquet and Ball in 2009. Shortly thereafter he headed across the Atlantic to Capetown, South Africa where he performed his one-man show, “Mysterious Ways”, which was also selected for 20 performances at The South African National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa. As one of the most sought after magicians on the college circuit, the pioneering performer continues to astonish and amaze audiences with his craft. His brand of magical comedy and entertainment has been on display at Hollywood’s ‘Magic Castle’ as well as ‘Monday Night Magic’, New York’s longest running Off-Broadway magic show. All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice.


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